Eye Sight Tests & Eye Care

Eye tests and examinations don't just let your optician know which is the right prescription for your glasses or contact lenses, they can help provide early detection of serious but treatable problems. One study found that almost 100,000 new cases of blindness per year would have been preventable or curable had they been detected and treated earlier. Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease, have no symptoms in the early stages but can be easily detected during an eye examination. Being an established Coventry Opticians, C.R. Williams offer a range of eye care services to help detect eye conditions and protect your eyesight.

Full professional sight tests

You will be seen by an experienced fully qualified Optometrist, who will take you through an extensive range of tests to establish the health of your eyes and will be able to discuss the different options open to you so that you can get the most from your sight.

Contact lens fitting

A full assessment can be made of your visual needs and eye health, to decide which type of contact lens is going to suit you best, you are then given chance to sample the lenses, to feel how good the comfort is and experience the vision they can give you. You will be then taught how to look after the lenses and advised on the best wearing schedule before the final decision is made to go ahead and purchase.

Diabetic retinal screening

Most diabetics already have a photograph taken at their doctors surgery, some diabetics also like to have a more thorough eye examination than the normal eye test, for reassurance that their eyes are healthy. This is done with the assistance of eye drops to enlarge the pupils (which can leave them a little blurry for a short while) and then an examination lamp and specialist lens is used to gain a thorough view of the back of the eye. (An extra charge may be made for this).

Retinal Photography

Using a specialist camera a photograph can be taken of the retina at the back of the eye, this helps check the health of the eye, and also is a good way of monitoring any changes that may occur in the eye. (An additional charge may be made for this).

Dry Eye Solutions

If you have sore, gritty eyes, or eyes that are always running, or just eyes that are generally uncomfortable, then you may have a weakness to the tear quality, this can be assessed, and normally a simple regimen of eye care can give relief from the problem. (An additional charge may be made for this).

DVLA drivers vision testing

We are registered with the DVLA to test eyes to see if they satisfy the standards required to drive, the DVLA will pay for this test if they have requested it to be done. Some patients opt to pay for their own test to be done to check their suitability to drive.

Company contracts

Contracts can be negotiated to offer work force safety spectacles, spectacle corrections for computer use and eye tests where appropriate.