Myopia Control
Myopia Control

Myopia or ‘shortsightedness’ is a condition which causes distant objects to
become blurred and out of focus. More and more children are becoming
myopic and it is starting at an earlier age. In 1983 the average age of onset was
11years old whereas in 2000 it was 8 years old. It caused by a process of the
eye continuing to grow beyond the optimal shape and size.

Causes of myopia;

  • Genetics play an important role – 22% chance if neither parent is myopic to 46% if both are.
  • Performing prolonged near tasks such as using portable consoles and reading.
  • Low levels of outdoor activities.
  • Poor lighting levels.

Treating myopia early can slow the progression which may reduce the
potential of future eye health issues.

New myopia control spectacle lenses are now available. Due to their specialist design they are proven to slow the development of the myopia by virtue of a ingenious secondary focus area towards the edge of the lens.

There are specially designed contact lenses that work in a similar way and are also proven to slow the progression in children as young as 8 years old. Though the thought of fitting contact lenses at this age may seem a little young, early intervention will give the best outcomes. Children are often less concerned about contact lenses then adults.

There is also usually a concern over the greater possibility of infection, but
research has shown this to not be the case.

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