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Family opticians since 1961

Early in Cliff Williams’ career he spotted an opportunity to take on an independent practice that was working only ½ a day week from a family home. He took it on and soon established a well reputed name for himself and successfully grew the business.

Fast forward 60 years, we now have two sites bearing Cliff’s name, continuing his good work and looking after his good reputation.

Keeping the ethos of good quality eye care offered in professional, modern well equipped practices with friendly knowledgeable staff.

We offer an extensive range of services from sight tests and contact lens assessment to management of sore red eyes and in-depth investigation of ocular conditions. Also we offer large range of products to satisfy your visual needs from reading, TV and driving, through to work specific tasks, sports glasses and sunglasses.

Glasses prices to suit all budgets, ranging from our basic range starting at £69.50 complete, up to our elegant Murano glasses with their Swarovski crystals.

We also provide eye tests under the NHS for those who are eligible. Some of who may also be entitled to glasses covered by the NHS

Coventry and Rugby NHS eye care service

Did you know that now many minor eye conditions can be treated by your optician if they are part of this scheme. So if you have a sticky, watery or just an irritable eye you no longer have to see your GP to be treated.

Contact Lenses

Sometimes it is good to have the freedom to be able to see without glasses, whether it is for general vision of something specific such as a sport, hobby or socialising. Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses.

Macular Health

The macula is central to our sight. It is where we do all our fine detail vision such as reading, driving and at work. But is also a fragile area which needs looking after.

OCT Scanning

This latest technology allows us to look in great detail at the structures of the eye. Reassuring us that everything is OK but also finding changes that may need attention long before we might have done previously. Early detection means early treatment, usually leading to better outcomes.

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