Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
We offer an extensive range of contact lenses choices.

We offer an extensive range of contact lenses choices. We deal with many of the major contact lens brands and offer their full range of soft contact lens options, including daily disposable, monthly replacement and continuous wear.

Correcting all aspects of vision

Correcting all aspects of vision, for those that require good distance vision for work, sport and life in general. For those that also require better near focus for reading and close up tasks, there are multifocal contact lens that will help give the wearer the best of all worlds.

We also offer some specialist contact lens choices.

If you have a distorted cornea through a progressive problem such as keratoconus, or a scarred cornea through infection or injury. We can offer a lens called a semi-scleral contact lens. This is a bigger and more rigid type of lens which covers more of the eye hiding the problem area, whilst its size makes it surprisingly comfortable to wear. These lenses have also been used to help people with particularly dry eyes because the eye is permanently bathed in fluid while the lens is being worn.

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Contact lenses can be offered through our EYEPLAN scheme which gives the added benefits of free eye health care and examination checks and significant discounts on spectacle purchases.

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