C.R. Williams
28th Jan

New Year Resolution for your Eyes

Most of us consider having a New Year resolution. Even if it is only half heartedly, knowing that they barely make it out of Jan before they are broken. Of course some are far more determined and seriously try to improve their health by giving up smoking, losing weight or drinking less.

One easy resolution that could make a big difference to your well being would be to have an eye test. The eyes may not be the romantic windows on the soul but they are certainly windows onto aspects of your health.

You may have perfect sight and not need glasses, but the eye test is so much more than that, the optometrist will be able to examine different parts of your eyes and look for signs of how your general health is doing.

Blood pressure, raised cholesterol, diabetes and thyroid problems are just a few of the things that can show themselves in the eyes let alone conditions that are specific to the eyes such as cataracts.

Thankfully most people do not have any problems showing in the eyes, but may be able to be helped by discussions about how they use their eyes at work or home, on the computer or driving. Saving them from tiredness, discomfort around the eyes, strain and headache symptoms.

So why not make a resolution to have an eye test now that you may well feel the benefit from for the whole year round.

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