C.R. Williams
08th Apr

Keep Your Eyes on What You Eat

Looking after your body and health will help look after your eyesight.

The eye is a complex organ which relies on the right nutrients to function fully and stay healthy. Ideally this should come from a good balanced diet.

A diet low in vitamins and high in carbohydrates is going to raise the risk of cataract development.

A poor diet can be one of the contributing factors in the development of macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in the western world. African countries have a much loser incidence of macular degeneration, and this has been attributed to some extent to there diet rich in Lutein which is found in leafy green vegetables. Obesity also contributes to the speed of the progress of age related changes in the eyes.

If your diet does not provide the right nutritional mix then supplements can be taken to boost what the eye requires. Often this is not just a matter of taking Lutien on its own but taken in with a cocktail of other vital vitamins and supplements for that will help the eye work to its best potential.

We now run clinics where we can grade the lutein levels in the eyes which helps us to advise patients on the best way to look after their eyes with their diet, lifestyle and the glasses they wear.

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