C.R. Williams Opticians Ltd have a wide choice of high fashion frames, work glasses and contact lenses, being independent Coventry Opticians allows us to choose from a wide range of manufacturers to find the best deals for you. Offering glasses to assist computer users, safety spectacles for people who work in hazardous conditions and specialist eyewear for different kinds of sports, our Coventry Opticians can help you find the right glasses for your needs.



For those who work in hazardous conditions or whose hobbies may need eye protection. We can offer a wide range of both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear.


There is a wide range of specialist eyewear for all sports from golf to swimming, cycling to snooker. Many different tints are available for protection from glare and reflected light especially in water sports. Racquet sports can be particularly hazardous, so specialist frames with polycarbonate lenses can offer good protection whilst allowing clear vision.


We are very proud to use the Crizal lens. These lenses have been scientifically proven to break down and eliminate the barriers to constant clear vision that is often experienced by spectacle wearers. The technological advancements applied to Crizal lenses ensure vision is always clear.

The lenses from Crizal provide more than just anti-reflection, they ensure spectacle wearers can enjoy the benefits of a premium level resistance against scratches on the lens, smudges, reflections, dust as well as a unique water repellent feature.

If you are wearing spectacles for the first time, new to Crizal lenses, or already enjoy the benefits of Crizal lenses – we would like to invite you to discover perfect vision and experience life in the clear with Crizal lenses.


We can offer advice on screen positioning as well as advice on the best spectacles to reduce discomfort when using computers and display screens for prolonged periods.


Prescription sunglasses are a great solution for driving in bright conditions, reading on the beach or even gardening in the sunshine. They also offer full protection against harmful ultra-violet radiation (UVA & UVB), protecting your eyes, making you feel comfortable and look good. Complete pricing starting from £79.95


The advanced photochromic lenses from Transition VI come with the enhanced performance for healthy sight. The lenses are adaptable and automatically change to reflect the light conditions. The helps reduce eye strain as well as eye fatigue.

In outdoor and natural light the photochromic lenses will become darker than other photochromic lenses, especially in hot temperatures. As well as changing shades, they provide 100% UV protection. The lenses quickly adapt to indoor environments and return to a clear lens much faster due to the enhanced features of the Transitions VI.

Varilux Specialist

Varilux continues to grow from strength to strength since the lenses launched in 1959. The differences in design and innovation have seen this range of lenses successfully meet customer demands for reading vision.

Reading vision can become impaired and often grows weaker regardless of lifestyle. These visual requirements are met by Varilux lenses. They provide a more effective acuity, coupled with a more natural vision to suit individual needs. All Varilux lenses are recommended to be used with the Crizal Forte coating.

Contact Lenses

The advancements in contact lens technology ensure there is a suitable lens for almost everyone who requires them. The advantages of contact lenses over glasses are the flexibility and freedom they provide.

Contact lenses sit on your eye, which ensures they move with the eye so giving a more natural field of vision. Unlike glasses, they will not steam up or get smeared on a rainy day and are great for active sports as they will not fall off or move as you run.

The full range of contact lens brands are available to us helping to find a type suitable for your eyes.

To discuss if contact lenses are right for you, contact your nearest C R Williams practice.


Due to the current pandemic, we have been asked to help in reducing the spread of the virus. One of the ways to do this is to suspend all routine eye care.

This obviously means that the amount of work we are doing has been greatly reduced.
For that reason we have decided to only operate through our practice at 27 Princethorpe Way.
The Whitaker Rd branch will not be open for any business until the situation improves.

What we can do is see patients that require prompt attention.

For example.
Whichever branch you use. If you need us - please call 02476 455 187. We will be able to talk you through the best course of action for you.

If the phone is not answered - please use the answer phone facility and we will return your call.

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Above all, be safe for yourself and for others.

C.R. Williams Opticians